WAF Lift

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WAF Lift 3
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WAF Lift 4

*Disclaimer: Please note that treatment results may vary from individual to individual.

What Is The WAF Lift?*

Its the Wide Awake Face Lift, sometimes known as the lunchtime Lift as its done in 60 minutes.

How This Works ?*

This treatment is a combination of Luxeface Aswiss absorbable threads, Angel PRP and Dermaroller. The threads tighten and lift the skin, Angel PRP stimulates collagen and rejuvenates the skin, giving a natural soft face lift, loose ten years in 60 minutes.

Although this treatment is administered in 60 minutes you will need three to five days downtime as slight swelling and bruising can occur.


The treatment costs from £3000 and lasts around 3 to 4 years.

Contact us on 0207 436 4441 for more information and to book your consultation.

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