What is Skin-Tite? *

For tighter, uplifted skin. *

Skin-Tite gives an instant lift and can tighten saggy skin on the forehead, around the eyes, cheeks, mouth, jowls and neck. The procedure uses radio-frequency technology that thermally targets subcutaneous tissue and the skin, resulting in fibrous tightening and repair of the tissue.

It causes the skin to tighten immediately by warming the skin with a fine probe that is inserted into the layer just under the skin. it does not remove tissue, but causes the skin to tighten up by 10% instantly. Within a few minutes you will have much tighter skin that looks and feels better. The repair and re-modelling process takes three-six months to show up to 40% skin and tissues tightening.


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*Disclaimer: Please note that treatment results may vary from individual to individual.

How many treatments will you need?*

It is a one-off minimally invasive procedure performed under local anaesthesia or light sedation – which allows you to resume your routine shortly after, although wearing a compression garment is required.

Dr. Khan has developed effective treatment protocols using a combination treatment with Skin-Tite for Molar Fastoons, which present as puffy swellings under the eyes, and are not treatable with surgery.

The results?*

Over a period of three – six weeks, new collagen is produced so you will see a continuous improvement, with the final results six to twelve months post procedure. Results from Skin-Tite will last up to about five years, similar to a Mini Face Lift, and then the skin will age naturally, depending on your genetics and lifestyle.

Combining Skin-Tite with other skin tightening procedures may be advised by your doctor – for older, more damaged skin.