Medical Pedicure

Harley Street Skin Clinic is delighted to be able to offer the ultimate Medical Pedicure at our Clinic. Hayley Katsis, a Registered Nurse, has been offering safe and effective chiropody for many years and is now bringing her innovative and luxurious treatments to Harley Street.

Hayley uses a carefully selected range of podiatry products to ensure that her clients receive the best possible treatment for a wide range of foot conditions. Using her expert knowledge, Hayley will treat any problems on the feet, from corns and bunions to in-growing toenails or just to help with the problems of ageing.

As the body ages the skin on the feet often becomes very dry and brittle causing cracks to appear on the heels. These are not only unsightly but can cause small fissures where bacteria can enter the skin. Hayley will provide conditioning treatments to counteract these problems and advise you on how best to maintain the soft and silky skin on your feet with a wide range of products to use at home.

As Hayley treats the feet and toes from a medical viewpoint, she would not advise the use of nail varnish but, here at Harley Street Skin Clinic, we are aware that sometimes this is not always possible so our fully-qualified therapists can finish your Pedicure with the perfect colour on your nails.

Get in touch – Appointments

Hayley and all the team look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful
Clinic to offer you the ultimate in foot care. Please call us on.

02074364441 to arrange an appointment.