What is Hyperhidrosis? *

For the reduction of excess sweating. *

Excessive sweating can occur in many different areas of the body and can be an embarrassing problem that has a negative effect on self-esteem. It most commonly occurs on the palms of the hands and in the armpits but it can also be a problem on the face, head, back and groin area.

Regardless of where it is located, excessive sweating (or Hyperhidrosis) presents an embarrassing problem for those afflicted with it and it is not a temporary condition. Many people who suffer have done so for many years, usually from adolescence and whether it’s hot or cold, the sweating is constant.

Injections of Muscle Relaxing Injections type A work by blocking the chemical transmitters that cause the glands to produce sweat. Clinical studies have shown that the treatment can reduce excessive sweating by up to 80%.

How many treatments will you need?

The effects are temporary and can last between three-eight months and then a further treatment is required. There is minimal downtime for this simple treatment but you may experience some discomfort at the sight of injections during the procedure.

The results?

The results will be noticeable within a week of treatment.