*Disclaimer: Please note that treatment results may vary from individual to individual.

Fat Transfer

What is Fat Transfer?*

Fat transfer is a procedure to take fat from one part of the body, usually, the abdomen, hips, thighs or buttocks and transfer it to another part of the body, usually the breasts, face, or buttocks, to give back volume where it has been lost, or to add a cup size or two to the breasts. It is also ideal to even up lopsided breasts. It can also be used to correct facial scars and to cosmetically enhance the lips. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and takes about 1 hour to perform. Usually there is swelling and bruising after for a week or so.

What happens?*

During the procedure, the area where the fat is harvested from is prepared in a similar way to performing liposuction. The fat is harvested using a special suction cannula so it is not damaged. The live fat cells are then injected in the either the breasts, buttocks, face or scared areas using a very fine cannula to place tiny amounts of fat to form layers which restore volume and shape. Between 50% and 60% of the transferred fat survive. This means that at first there is a certain amount of overcorrection, which also contributes to some of the swelling following the procedure. Fat transfer is often performed in conjunction with other procedures such as a facetite.

Where are the scars?*

The scars resulting from the fat harvest as well as the fat transfer are all quite small, approximately  5 mm in length and where possible hidden in the natural crease lines.