I had my procedure last Tuesday, and I just wanted to tell you, I had no pain with it at all just a little discomfort for the following 48 hours. Great results are already been seen, even though there is still some swelling and bruises. I’m so looking forward to seeing the final results. I’m so happy I had the procedure with your clinic as everyone was so nice, including the office staff, special thank you to Josh who was so helpful before the procedure. Thank you for all you time and care.
- M (September 2016)

I had a treatment yesterday with Dr. Khan at Manchester Street, and really wanted to compliment his staff who prepped me for the treatment and Dr. Khan’s professionalism and experience that clearly stood out for me, also his friendly personality that put me at complete ease, he talked me through the procedure and explained everything as he done the treatment which was for me excellent and insightful.
Also I wanted to say thank you to Lesley who I saw for my initial consultation and gave me the right advice around the treatment best suited for me.Thank you to a wonderful team and excellent service from start to finish.
Kindest Regards
- Stephanie London

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for the Cinderella make-over, I look 7 years younger (or more), its really lifted my mood during this cold – miserable time of the year.Please pass my thanks and gratitude to Dr Khan – he has worked wonders.
- AV-London (March 2016)

“I am 37 and have recently undergone a Fat Transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift) with Dr Khan at the Harley Street Skin Clinic and I am delighted with the results.
From the initial consultation to the operation and aftercare, I have found the staff to be very welcoming and helpful and warm at all times. Dr Khan listened to my requirements to remove the flanks (love handles) and lower stomach area following 2 children and replace the fat in my bottom as due to my age and children it had started to collapse and lose body and I hated wearing dresses above the knee as I looked square. Since the operation I look absolutely fabulous in dresses as Dr Khan understood my request and perfected my body to more than I could have imagined. The look is very natural and well in proportion to my height and weight, I feel more woman than before I had my children with my new sculpted shape.
The recovery was challenging for a couple weeks but I am delighted with the results and as I could see the results immediately after the operation, it made it easier to go through the recovery. I was well advised about the risks of this procedure throughout and all my questions were answered in straight forward explanations which made it easier for me to feel comfortable leading up to the procedure and post operation.
So thank you to Dr Khan and his wonderful team at Harley Street Clinic, I love my new body and the additional confidence it has given me. Thank you for providing me with an exceptional service and for having my health and wishes at the heart of everything you did. I have already recommended you to my friends and family who love your work and the new me and I would recommend you and your team to anyone who askes how I got a great body like this.
- Laura – London ( March 2016 )

All women certain age, know you need to look after your
skin and are big fans of the products.
- The Nolans

I love the Harley Street Skin. My favourite is the Overnight Moisturiser, I wake up fresh and I love it…what¹s not to love
- Karen Barber

I’ve tried every product in the world and even Hollywoods finest beauty products can’t touch lesley’s wonder Stemcellution Anti Ageing Serum, it saved me from the surgeons knife and allowed me to carry on looking like me and living the life I love. Thanks to Stemcellutions beauty has no expiration date.
- Stephanie Beacham

After a busy day filming under harsh studio lights StemCellution Overnight Moisturiser is the ultimate fix me while I sleep, slather it on and wake up fretted and renewed!
- Patsy Kensit

I swear by Lesley’s Anti Ageing Serum, it gave me the confidence to even join the cast of Hollyoaks where nearly everyone is under 20!If I didn’t have confidence in my skin, I wouldn’t have confidence in front
of the camera! Im never without my StemCellution products.
- Gillian Taylforth

With all the make up I wear for work I like nothing better than using the
Hydro Cleanser to remove it all as it never dries out my skin, the StemCellutions Anti Ageing Serum is a skin saver.
- Sam Womack

I use Lesley’s Enzyme Mask twice a week to get rid of dry skin and always
use the Anti Ageing Serum.
- Patsy Palmer

I love StemCellutions Overnight Moisturiser, you wake up with a smooth
fresh skin that’s keeps hysrated all day.
- Lisa Maxwell

Lesley looks after my skin and I always use the Age.Less Firma Serum to
give a bit of a glow.
- Jessie Wallace

All Day Moisturiser…it¹s the best moisturizer I have ever used. My
skin is just gorgeous afterwards, plus it keeps my skin moisturised all Day.
- Claire Richards

I’m a huge fan of Harley Street skin products, I mix and match their
Ranges and use StemCellutions Anti Ageing Serum to keep my skin Glowing again.
- Andrea Mclean

I am extremely happy with my Bodytite treatment. I’d like to say how kind and caring Dr Khan is and how special I felt from start to finish, thank you.
- Vicky

Thank you so much for all your help with my daughter, we are all over the moon with the difference in her skin, Sophie was lovely and so kind to her. She starts Uni this week, she thought she would not be able to face it the way she looked before. Thank you once again.
- NW, Loughton

After suffering with acne from my teens, I’m now 33, at last I am spot free. I still get the odd spot occasionally, but the skincare and peels have made an big difference. I am so happy, thank you all so much. Thank you also for the tea and shoulder to cry on when I was at my worst.
- DM, Essex

I had to write to tell you how happy I am after getting rid of my back and under arm fat. I look great in sleeveless dresses and teeshirts now. That Bodytite in Dr. Khan’s hands is nothing short of a miracle. It was worth the bruising.
- AF, Camden

Please pass on my thanks to Dr Khan for the amazing results I’ve had from Bodytite on my tummy. I would never wear a bikini after the birth of my two children and for the first time this year I have! I’m so grateful. The nurses and team were all wonderful too. Thank you.
- MS, Brighton

I just wanted to say thank you to Reeta as I am delighted with the results of my Muscle Relaxing Injections and fillers. Also wanted to pass on my thanks to Lesley – I’m loving the skin products and make-up and really enjoyed reading her lovely book.
- JM, Ruislip

When I was in my early twenties, I suddenly got acne and, consequently, I lost so much of my confidence. I felt my whole face had been invaded. I had cysts all over my face and it had left really deep scarring. It looked so bad that even make up couldn’t cover it; in fact, it made it look worse. I never could have imagined feeling so low from having acne – it took away so much of my confidence. I felt really self-conscious doing the simplist of things like talking to somone face to face. I felt that in such a short period of time I had gone from a really outgoing person to someone who was shy and withdrawn. I spent so much time in the mirror analysing every single dint in my face that I didn’t see myself in the mirror just the cysts and scars that had formed.

Both Dr Khan and Lesley have been amazing. The treatments have been unbelievably successful from the lasers to the PRP injections. I have seen incredible results. However,it wasn’t an overnight cure, it has taken a while to get my skin to where it is now but each treatment gave me hope and it was a step closer.

The help, advice and constant support I got from Dr Khan, Lesley and everyone who works for them really helped me through. I gained a lot of knowledge about what products worked best for my skin and was facinated to see the new revolutionary treatments Dr Khan introduced to help the scars. I religiously use the Harley Street Skin Care products. It helps prevent me from getting further breakouts and it gives my skin a really healthy glow. Now thanks to both Dr Khan and Lesley I have my confidence back, my skin feels like a gift and for that I am truly grateful.
- Laura, Manchester

I had such bad acne I wouldn’t go to college, then my Mum saw Dr. Khan and Lesley on This Morning show and booked me in to see them. I started on the skin care routine that I was given and within 2 weeks my skin looked a lot better. I’ve had peels now as well and after 4 months my skin looks so much better, thank you both so much. I’m using that mineral make up too and that really is good too. I feel much more confident.
- Maria, London

You have changed my life, I was so miserable with my uneven skin and spotty face, I hated going out. Now I’ve got a social life and love chatting to people. I love my Glyco serum, it’s been my saviour, thank you Dr Khan and Lesley.
- Jennifer, Middlesex

Since I saw Dr Khan at the clinic last year my skin looks completely different. I’ve had acne since I was fourteen and was going to be a bridesmaid to my sister but I could not face doing it. My sister had been to the clinic in Harley St and told me to go to see them. They are all so lovely and welcoming and really understood how I felt and that was a big step forward for me to trust someone could help after so many years of tablets that have not worked. I still get the odd spot, not much though and I was bridesmaid this year and I looked quite flawless even if I say it myself! Thank you Harley St Skin.
- Jayne, Bexley

Thank you to Dr Khan for the laser treatment that has taken away most of my scars from acne. The treatment really hurt at the time and I looked very red for a week,( but mineral make up covered it up). The pain was really worth it, my face looks so smooth now. The treatments called ReCell with laser. I would recommend it highly.
- Debra, Dublin

My spots are gone from using the Clear Skin program and a few spot injections’, they are like a miracle, spots disappear within 2 days! Thank you Dr Tee. And thank you to the lovely staff who always have time for a chat, one week I saw Lucy Speed in the waiting room and had a cup of tea with her.
- Heather R. Maidenhead

I love StemCellution Serum, it’s the only product I use, my skin is soft and clear and my make up stays on so well too.
- Milly, London

After years of struggling with acne my skin is finally clear. I went to see Harley Street Skin last year and during that time I have used Glyco Serum and had a course of peels with PDT. It’s amazing how quickly my skin has cleared up. I’m so grateful and I still have a monthly peel to maintain my new skin. Thank you.
- Jennifer, Harlow

After years of struggling with acne my skin is finally clear. I went to see Harley Street Skin last year and during that time I have used Glyco Serum and had a course of peels with PDT. It’s amazing how quickly my skin has cleared up. I’m so grateful and I still have a monthly peel to maintain my new skin. Thank you.
- Jennifer, Harlow

I had been watching the TV and I saw Dr Khan operating on someone and by the end of the program I decided he was the doctor for me. I wanted to get rid of my man boobs and went to see him. He was so reassuring, he made me feel comfortable even though I had a vey embarrassing problem. I booked the procedure and it’s the best thing I ever did, I noticed a difference two weeks after the treatment and I would recommend Dr Khan to anyone. The whole clinic is very hospitable and it’s a relaxing atmosphere, very clean and professional.
- George, Bermondsey

I had a laser skin peel to freshen up my skin with Harley Street Skin Clinic and the service was so good and friendly I now go back for facials every month. I had Muscle Relaxing Injections too last month and I’m thrilled with my results, I can still move, but I just look less cross!
- Doreen, Chigwell

After a severe allergic reaction my skin broke out in extremely bad acne which was so red it looked like a bad burn. I heard about the Harley Street Skin Clinic on TV through Lucy Speed. I booked an appointment thinking it was going to be extremely expensive. I had a consultation and was given the option of products suited to my skin which I now use on a daily basis and my skin is 100 times better after only a few months!
Before I went to Harley Street Skin I would not leave the house without full make-up, now I have the confidence to go out with no make-up at all.
Over the years I have spent hundreds, if not thousands of pounds on products, none of which actually did anything. The HSS products are very reasonably priced and they work! I wish I had found this place much sooner. I would recommend the Harley Street Skin Clinic to anyone!
- Stephanie Osborne, London

I adore Lesley and Dr. Khan’s down to earth and brilliant advice – and it’s worked for me.
- Patsy Kensit

After being told I needed surgery, I saw Lesley and Dr. Khan for advice, they created a skincare range for me to combat ageing, wonderful!
- Stephanie Beacham

I have never wanted to have extreme treatments and Lesley has shown me the way to keep it nice and natural.
- Lisa Maxwell

Having suffered with terrible acne for ten years I thought I’d tried every possible treatment under the sun and nothing worked. A friend recommended the Khan’s to me and within three months my skin was clear. I was absolutely ecstatic to get rid of the spots that had plagued me for years and even better, to be able to get married with beautiful clear skin meant so much to me, I’ll always be grateful that I met them.
- Lucy Speed

I am the most anti cosmetic treatment person there is and Lesley has really opened my eyes up to what you can do without the knife.
- Coleen Nolan

Lesley has been looking after my skin for nearly 10 years and I think her sound skincare advice is what’s saved me having any drastic treatments.
- Gillian Taylforth

I love beauty treatments and have had my share of fillers, but Lesley has shown me that there are effective alternatives.
- Denise Welch

I know I can rely on Harley Street Skincare products to keep my skin looking fresh and moisturised 24/7
- Lysette Antony

With my love of the sun and outdoor lifestyle I have been concerned about my skin ageing, at The Harley Street Skin Clinic I have had sound advice on what to do at home which has really helped me.
- Claire King

Lesley really is a magician when it comes to skin. She’s my secret weapon and whenever I have a red-carpet event I’ll see Lesley for one of her facials beforehand and I just know that my skin will be glowing.
- Tina Hobley

I see Lesley regularly for facials and love the Harley Street Skin products. I love the instant results and always book in with Lesley when I know I’m going to be photographed – you know your skin is in the best possible hands.
- Lucy Benjamin

After spending over half my life with combination, dehydrated and acne-prone skin, I am so relieved to have been introduced to Lesley and Dr Khan. After just 6 weeks I finally feel in control of my skin, even gradually gaining the confidence to leave the house without a full-face of foundation and concealer! It’s such a weight off my mind to be free of the pain and discomfort of big, unsightly spots that stick around for weeks on end – I’d actually got to the point where I didn’t think it would ever be possible for my skin to be clear – I was wrong! The Harley Street Skin team have been so kind, supportive and informative, they really know their stuff, I can’t recommend them highly enough.
- Ty Glaser

I  just wanted to take a moment to say a VERY BIG thank You to Dr Khan. The treatments he administered on Saturday have had an amazing(yet subtle) effect and , for the first time in as long as I can remember, I am feeling much happier in myself! I know we have discussed further treatment requirements  that I will schedule in due course but I just wanted to send a big thanks in the meantime for his great work this weekend and for making me feel so much happier!!!!!
- J M From Essex

I recently had a BodyTite treatment with Dr Tee. It wasn’t half as scary as I was expecting perhaps because one of the nurses kindly gave me a wonderful head massage throughout the whole treatment! Wonderful service!
- EF Surrey

Bianca from Harley Street Skin Clinic recently zapped the broken veins round my nose I know from past experience elsewhere that this can be a painful procedure but her quick and professional treatment made it practically painless and I’m delighted with the results.
- SMJ Loughton,Essex

I had Muscle Relaxing Injections for the first time a few weeks ago to remove the deep, unsightly groove between my eyebrows. The nurse, Reeta, who administered the treatment made a newby feel very safe in her hands and, to my great surprise, within only a few days the groove soften and almost disappeared. I’m due back for a top-up within the next few days and will be booking in to have the crow’s feet around my eyes treated next.
- JL Stroud

I have suffered with acne since I entered my forties, having never had it before then. I didn’t know where to turn as nothing seemed to help but then I tried the Spotless Range of skincare from Harley Street Skin Clinic and a course of six Glycolic Peels and I now have the skin I always wanted.
- KB Dagenham

I was having excess fat removed from the outer top of my thighs with BodyTite. After filling in the necessary forms I was given some clothes to change into including disposable pants, slippers, jacket and trousers. I was given a slight sedative before the procedure and Dr Tee thoroughly and patiently explained what would be happening and answered all of my questions. When I was taken into the theatre there were two nurses, an assistant and Dr Tee waiting. Some local anaesthetic injections were applied to the site then a fluid (containing more anaesthetic) was injected which was uncomfortable but certainly not painful. After that the area is warmed (I could not feel this). Once the fat is heated it is removed with a cannula and, at times, this could be a little painful but was certainly bearable and didn’t last long. A couple of stitches are put into the incision site (which I didn’t feel at all). Pads are applied to protect and keep the area clean. Then, after dressing you are given the things you need to take home. It took about an hour to complete the procedure. It’s a good idea to have someone to help you, perhaps drive you home or at least carry your bags for you. The aftercare instructions are really helpful and important. You are given pain killers and antibiotics to take home as well as absorbent pads (for the bed in case there is any leakage of fluid from the incision site) and new pads and swabs to replace (24 hours later) the ones applied during the procedure. It’s vitally important to wear compression pants and only to remove them when showering (bathing is not permitted until after the stitches have been removed about 10 days later). Although the procedure is certainly uncomfortable it isn’t painful except for a very occasional ouch moment. My results were instantaneous. The pads of fat on the thighs were immediately removed in spite of the swelling caused by the procedure. This apparently takes between one and three months to fully settle but I was so delighted with the instant effect and any further improvement will be a bonus. I was surprised to find that there is only intermittent, not constant, discomfort, eg when turning over in the bed at night. I took arnica before the procedure to help with the bruising and swelling but, of course, due to the nature of the treatment there is extensive swelling and bruising however as my results were exactly what I was hoping for that’s an extremely small disadvantage.Overall I had such a positive experience and result that I immediately booked myself in again for fat removal with BodyTite but this time for the upper and lower abdomen and feel sure I will be just as pleased with this as I have been with the results on my thighs.
- CM London

“My first time at Harley street last week to see Dr. Tee for dermal fillers, I’ve always been insecure about my lips, one side being fuller than the other. When I got to the clinic everyone was so lovely and welcoming and made me feel so comfortable, I was really nervous to see Dr Tee as I had work done previously else where and was not 100% satisfied. Upon meeting Dr Tee I was blown away as to how professional, polite and amazing he is as an individual. We went through everything I was concerned about in an in depth consultation which again he was amazing the way he ensured I was 100% in what I wanted and how to go about it to have the best results! I am absolutely blown away with the shape he created for my lips they look AMAZING, so natural looking and pouty the way I wanted.The biggest concern I had was lumps in my lips but I walked out the clinic with not even one bruise or bleeding am speechless and can’t thank him enough for the amazing work he has done for me! He’s an absolute genius and an amazing doctor! So down to earth and makes you so comfortable to be under his care. Recommend him highly for all you ladies looking to have amazing lips! Thank you Dr. Tee can’t thank you enough!!
- M

Dear Dr Khan and Lesley,
I just wanted to say how delighted I am with your wonderful work Dr Khan, it’s looking good. I have to praise your amazing nurses ,Karen ,Natalie and Rosario. They we so very sweet to me made me feel calm and looked after me.
From the moment I entered the building I was made welcome and your lovely receptionist made me tea. The whole experience was made so comfortable. Josh was great to me, answering all my questions and Dr Tee was super. I would like to thank you all and will return when I’ve saved up for the next treatment. I hope I’m lucky enough to meet Lesley next time, a lady to aspire to.Very much love from a new woman !!!!! Ellen. x
- Ellen. x