Lower Face and Neck Lift

Lower Face and Neck Lift *

For tightening loose skin on lower face and the neck *


*Disclaimer: Please note that treatment results may vary from individual to individual.

A Lower Face and Neck Lift is a popular procedure for those who want a natural lift to reduce droopy jowls or a sagging “turkey neck”. It is performed under local or general anaesthetic. An incision is made around the ears and just under the chin too. Excess fat and tissue is removed and the muscles tightened – ready for the skin to be pulled backwards, leaving you with a younger but natural appearance.

The treatment does leave scarring but this is hidden behind the ear and will fade with time.

How many treatments will you need?*

A Lower Face and Neck Lift is usually a one-off treatment, with results lasting for several years. However, lifestyle factors such as diet and smoking can affect longevity of the results.

The Results?*

A firmer, tighter lower face and neck area that looks younger and refreshed. Recovery time is also less than what it would be with a full facelift as up to four weeks is advised before going back to work, although you are likely to experience some swelling and are required to wear support under the chin for a week.

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