Lines, Wrinkles and Skin Tightening

Lines and wrinkles are the result of the passage of time and none of us can grow old without getting a few here and there. They come along as part of the ageing process, with sun damage and genetics playing a big part in how your skin ages – so look at mum and dad to see what you can expect to come. The most important thing you can do for your skin on a daily basis is to wear sun protection – 90% of lines and wrinkles come from sun damage. So it’s sun protection on a daily basis – minimum SPF15 or up to SPF50 if you’re sunbathing.

Some of the most popular treatments for lines and wrinkles are Muscle Relaxing Injections, dermal fillers, SmartXide, Angel PRP Face Lift, PDT.

Skin Tightening

There’s nothing more ageing than loose, saggy skin. Usually the result of too much sun which causes the collagen and elastin fibres to break down. Help is at hand to shrink back the skin with Pelleve around the eyes.


Reduce wrinkles in one session without surgery…….Pellevé® safely and effectively treats facial wrinkles with minimal pain, no anaesthesia and minimal downtime.

The Pellevé® Wrinkle Reduction System is a new and highly effective way to refresh your appearance and tighten loose skin without the need for needles or surgery. Pellevé® safely and effectively treats facial wrinkles and loose skin, with just a single, one-hour treatment, you could be on your way to firmer, tighter skin—with results that can last up to six months.

Pellevé® delivers constant, gradual energy to the skin, causing heat to build up where the skin and fat layer come together. The increasing heat modifies the collagen bundles deep inside the skin, causing them to contract and stimulating the growth of new collagen over time. This results in firmer, tighter skin.

First, a protective gel is applied to the face. You may feel a deep warming sensation when the doctor touches the area being treated with the Pellevé® handpiece. No anaesthetic is used, so you will act as a guide to describe the depth of the sensation as the doctor moves the handpiece across your face.


Many people see the result immediately after just one treatment, with lasting improvement for up to six months as the skin produces new collagen. Additional treatments may improve results, so you should consult with your doctor for a recommended number of treatments.

How Often?

Many people see the result immediately after just one treatment, with lasting improvement for up to six months as the skin produces new collagen. Additional treatments may improve results, we will recommend the best course of treatment for you on consultation.

Recovery Time

Because no anaesthesia is used and any swelling is minor, there is minimal downtime. Mild swelling and redness may occur, but this usually goes away within a few hours to a day.


BodyTite® is an exciting new procedure that not only removes stubborn fat but simultaneously tightens loose skin and firms the body. This breakthrough body re-shaping procedure is the first fat removal device to use an advanced technology called RFAL – Radio Frequency Assisted LipoTightening – to liquefy fat cells and tighten the skin safely, gently and more efficiently than other fat removal techniques.

The BodyTite® procedure gently melts and removes excess fat through a tiny incision. By pre-melting the fat, the procedure is far less traumatic and the risk of post-procedure pain, discomfort and swelling is greatly reduced. The heat generated by a high-frequency current during the process boosts collagen production that leads to skin tightening. The unique heating process is both gentle and precise; a device that simply switches off if it fluctuates above or below the optimal skin-tightening temperature monitors the skin’s temperature.

Recommended For

Patients with loose skin and/or stretch marks along with fat deposits can get better results using BodyTite® to firm their body and decrease the risk of post-liposuction sagging. BodyTite® can be used on the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, upper arms, back and also works as a good combination treatment for tummy tucks, body lifts and mini-facelifts.


Sagging or loose skin can be visibly tightened and fat pockets removed to re–contour problem areas. Results can be seen immediately, with best results noticeable six-twelve weeks following treatment.

Recovery Time

BodyTite® is minimally invasive and performed under local anaesthetic so you can return home and resume your usual activities shortly after. You will be required to wear a compression garment and can resume high impact exercise on the advice of your doctor. Some mild soreness and tenderness may be experienced for a short time following treatment.

How Often

One treatment is usually sufficient but the procedure can be repeated if necessary.


The most advanced facial tightening procedure perfected here at Harley Street Skin.

FaceTite® gives an instant lift and can tighten saggy skin on the forehead, around the eyes, cheeks, mouth and jowls. The procedure causes the skin to tighten immediately by warming the skin with a fine probe that is inserted into the fatty layer just under the skin. It does not remove tissue, but causes the skin to tighten up by 40% instantly. Within a few minutes you will have much tighter skin that looks and feels better.

Although the results are instant there will be some swelling and bruising for about seven to ten days after the procedure. Over a period of three to six weeks, new collagen is produced so you will see a continuous improvement, with the final results twelve weeks post procedure.

FaceTite® is a minimally invasive treatment and a realistic alternative to a surgical facelift, less traumatic and giving a very natural result. Facetite is performed under a local anaesthetic, so you avoid the risks associated with a general anaesthetic and minimise the recovery time. Because the treatment does not involve a general anaesthetic you can go home after the procedure.

Results from FaceTite® will last up to about five years, similar to a mini Face Lift, then the skin will age naturally, depending on your genetics and lifestyle.

FaceTite® uses RF – Radio Frequency. RF or Radio frequency is used in MRI machines and many other medical treatments and has been used to treat patients for over 75 years.

With a combination of FaceTite® and NeckTite® you will be able to achieve a full facelift effect.


NeckTite® is the most advanced treatment in the world for loose neck skin and fat. Minimally invasive jowl and neck tightening. The treatment is specifically designed to treat the neck with aspiration but without causing any damage to any of the delicate areas nearby and reducing the turkey neck appearance that liposuction or cosmetic surgery can give the patient.

NeckTite® even after such a short time, is beginning to show that Surgery is not always the answer for the neck, a traditionally difficult area to treat. Its significant Skin Tightening and Fat removal is giving excellent natural looking results, without the extensive scarring which can be expected with surgery. Apart from the most excessive skin laxity which results following extreme weight loss, NeckTite® is excellent for the neck and jowls.

NeckTite® is a treatment that gently melts and suctions excess fat in small to medium sized areas. Gentle and deep heating will lead to contraction of the skin to re-contour the treatment area. A supportive neck garment is worn for 3-5 days post procedure. Bruising is minimal and results are visible within a few days, but the best results are seen at about twelve weeks, some patients may take a little longer.


Fractora®…As seen on This Morning with Harley Street Skin

Fractora® can help to tighten saggy skin on the eyelids, face, neck, decollate and hands. The procedure uses a technology known as fractional radiofrequency.

The skin is heated by placing a small handle against the skin. Radiofrequency energy is passed through a series of tiny bipolar pins, this heats the skin and causes tiny pin prick holes that the body naturally repairs. This results in tighter firmer, younger looking skin. Lines and wrinkles are filled out, superficial sun spots and thread veins disappear, skin looks firmer and tighter.

Recovery is a week to ten days. Expect swelling and bruising for the first week. Results are seen at about ten days, they are stunning, you look fresher, firmer and younger, but still very natural.