IPL Treatment & Hair Removal

What is IPL Treatments? *

For hair removal, age spots and red vein removal. *


*Disclaimer: Please note that treatment results may vary from individual to individual.

Using the latest technology, IPL is a fast and safe solution for embarrassing facial and body hair and spells an end to regular and time consuming shaving, waxing and facial hair bleaching.

IPL removes hair by sending out high-energy light pulses that affect both the existing hair and the follicles where the hair grows. The treatment works best at removing the hair when it’s in the active growth phase. Not all the hair being treated will be in this stage at any one time so you will need several treatment sessions spaced out over a period of time to ensure that hair not treated in one session is targeted in the next.

IPL is also an effective way to remove age spots, red veins and improve the appearance of rosacea. Lightwaves target melanin, the brown pigment in age spots. The melanin absorbs the light beam and is then fragmented before being absorbed by the body and naturally disposed of, leaving the skin clear and younger looking. The energy delivered to the skin will also stimulate collagen production and for rejuvenation of the skin.

How many treatments will you need?*

Up to eight sessions may be needed for hair removal, usually a month to six weeks apart. For age spots and red vein removal, usually three-five sessions are required, a month to six weeks apart.

The results?*

Because no anesthesia is used and any swelling is minor, there is minimal downtime*. Mild swelling and redness may occur, but this usually goes away within a few hours to a day.

Many people see the result immediately after just one treatment with tighter, firmer skin, with lasting improvements for up to six months as the skin produces new collagen.