Health Plans & Weight

It is a nutritionally based health program. This program creates an environment for the body where it can rest, recuperate and reset itself to a more efficient level of functioning so that it can begin to repair itself.

This plan has brought together the best elements and experience of ancient medical wisdom with the latest cutting edge research from medical and nutritional experts. The program maximises the benefits while removing much of the hype surrounding many of the programs available elsewhere.

The Health Plan aids the body to restore its basic functions by recognising that we have our own in-built healing and repair systems. The natural way to treat and prevent disease is to support your body’s natural defences and repair systems. This is achieved by removing and eliminating harmful waste products (toxins) and supercharging every cell with healthy nutritional fuel. It also helps to limit the damaging effects of harmful products and free radicals that we are exposed to in our environment.

Through enhancing the body’s natural processes, we help our immune and repair systems to fight infections, detect and repair the everyday wear and tear that is an inevitable result of our ‘toxic’ environment and day-to-day activities. If our immune and repair systems are unable to deal with these assaults, this can ultimately lead to ill health and premature ageing. The Health Plan supports our immune and repair systems so that we can achieve our maximum health potential.

There is an increasing body of evidence linking this process with the reduction in risk of developing common illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and age-related degeneration, such as arthritis and dementia.

These can be divided into short, medium term and long term benefits:-

  • Some of the short and medium term benefits may include increased energy, vitality and stamina, together with a more positive mental attitude and enthusiastic outlook.
  • Over the longer term, the ongoing support given to your immune systems may result in less illness and a lower likelihood of developing many of the diseases associated with the ageing process.