Whether you’re at the dermatologist, the local spa or in one of the high street stores you’re very likely spot a range of skin care products from the new breed of elite skin doctors. Know as the “Super Derms dermatology skin care is the hot new anti ageing trend and these doctor-approved skin care brands, pack a punch when it comes to using the very latest cutting edge ingredients and hi tech technology. But then who else knows so much about skin care as they spend their lives treating patients for all types of skin concerns , seeing which ingredients work and what formulations are best . Here are the names you need to know

Dr Nick Lowe (celeb fans Tom Ford)

British dermatologist Dr Nick Lowe has been at the cutting edge of skin treatments and technology for over 30 years and has clinics in the UK and the US Using his knowledge and the latest innovations he developed his skincare products with his wife, Pam over five years ago. The dermatology-led and results proven skincare collection is available on the high street, (Boots) and targets all common skin concerns, including ageing, acne and sun damage.

Hero Product The Secret is Out Lift & Repair Night Cream £31 An intensive age-fighting night cream containing peptides and super fruits to help fight those deeper lines and wrinkles – www.nicklowe.com<http://www.nicklowe.com/>

Brand: Dr Khan Private Collection(Celeb fans Patsy Kensit ,Stephanie Beacham)

Dr. Aamer Khan is one of UK’s leading experts in cosmetic and non-surgical procedures and treats many famous faces .He runs Harley Street Skin Clinic with his wife Lesley Reynolds, and together they launched their advanced skin care line five years ago where they also work on bespoke collections for the super elite.

After pioneering the work of using stem cells in anti ageing procedures Dr Khan was one of the first to translate the technology using plant-derived stem cells and EGF’S – Epidermal Growth Factors in a high performance therapeutic skincare range to stimulate cell growth giving younger more luminous skin, Hero Product: StemCellution Anti Ageing Serum 30ml £50 is derived from apple stem cells to stimulate collagen, plump up skin and aid cell repair and help turn back the clock and work to rebuild your skin. www.harleystreetskinclinic.com<http://www.harleystreetskinclinic.com/>

Dr Sebagh (celeb fans Cindy Crawford)

Who: Brought up in Paris, French cosmetic surgeon Dr Jean Louis Sebagh began his career over 25 year ago. His expertise has earned him the nickname King of Muscle Relaxing Injections and clients include Cindy Crawford. He has practices in London and Paris and combined his expertise and technical knowledge to create his own anti ageing skin range. He works with a team of French chemists, and each product in the range targets a specific skincare concern whilst helping to slow the ageing process – uses high concentrations of the most effective ingredients to create targeted skincare products.

Hero Product Serum Repair £69 a skin plumping serum which helps boosts collagen level to leave skin deeply hydrated. www.drsebagh.com<http://www.drsebagh.com/>

Dr Levy (beauty editors favourite)

Geneva based Dr Phillip Levy has paved the way with innovative anti ageing procedures for over 20 years and heads one of Europe’s most prestigious private clinics. He is the Number one Muscle Relaxing Injections Doctor in Switzerland and also invented the Nefertiti Muscle Relaxing Injections Lift which contours and straightens the jawline. He is passionate about skin care and believes skin ageing is reversible. He developed his skin care collection over five years ago and uses the most powerful cosmeceutical ingredients and plant stem cells to wake up ageing skin cells and revitalise he skin’s own regenerating system.

Hero Product Dr Levy Eye Booster Concentrate, £165 packed with plant stem cells which tackle crow’s feet and fine lines see www.drlevy.com<http://www.drlevy.com/> /also available from www.harleystreetclinic.com<http://www.harleystreetclinic.com/>

Dr Harold Lancer (celeb fans Victoria Beckham Kim Kardashian)

Based in Los Angeles and Hollywood’s favourite go –to dermatologist, Dr Lancer opened his clinic over thirty years ago and specialises in perfecting the texture of the skin, refining pore size and the tone. Fans dub his treatments The Lancer Glow. He believes diet is key to great skin and by eating less sugar skin can become naturally more radiant. He recently launched his skincare collection in the UK and doesn’t believe in cleanse tone and moisturise but polish, cleanse and nourish and has developed products for each of these categories
Hero Product Skincare lift Serum Intense £230, a superfuel for the skin which contains medical grade peptides, marine and grape stem cells and real gold to boost firmness. www.harrods.co.uk<http://www.harrods.co.uk/>

Dr David Colbert (celeb fans Angelina Jolie Rose Huntington Whitely and various supermodels)

Founder of the New York Dermatology Clinic, Dr Colbert is well known for his iconic treatment The Triad Facial, an intense 30 minute facial which combines exfoliation, laser treating using blue and red light followed by a chemical peel. He launched his skin care range earlier this year Colbert MD which is designed to work with the skin’s biorhythms using ‘Qusome Technology which works by gradually releasing active nutrients into the skin and believes the key to great looking skin is not about aiming for wrinkle free skin, but keeping it looking fresh.
Hero Product Coleman MD Intensity Facial Discs £52 mimics the exfoliation process in his famous Triad facial to provide instant luminosity. www.colbertmd.com<http://www.colbertmd.com/> for UK stockists.

Brand Dr Dennis Gross (celeb fans Olivia Palermo)

Based in Manhattan and known for his gently does it approach he developed his Dr Gross Skincare range over ten years ago which uses professional strength ingredients. . He believes anyone can achieve youthful looking skin and believes in daily chemical peels to help promote cellular turnover.
Hero Product Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel £67 a two step process to reduce line and enlarged pores containing hydroxyl acids and antioxidants, first sweep one pad over face and neck, wait two minutes and repeat using pad from step two – can be used daily am or pm. Products from www.salonskincare.co.uk<http://www.salonskincare.co.uk/>

Nurse Jamie (celeb fans Kirsten Dunst)

Jamie Sherrill, a registered nurse for over twenty years is a favourite with Hollywood’s younger celebs, who nicknamed her Nurse Jamie. She runs an exclusive medical spa in Santa Monica where she specialises in skincare and injectable facelifts. She believes the future of beauty is combining beauty devices with great skincare products which can be used at home and recently launched her range in Harrods which is based on three skin concerns Pigment Relief, Age Delay and Calming Relief
Hero Product The ACELLerator Ultra Ultrasonic Toning Device £175 uses high frequency ultrasonic energy and can be used at home to lift and firm facial muscles www.harrods.com<http://www.harrods.com/>

Dr Marko Lens (celeb fan Carey Mulligan)

A plastic and reconstructive surgeon who trained in Verona, Italy and now based in London, Dr Lens regularly lectures on shaping trends in skin care, while developing cutting edge skin care products He specialises in skin ageing and skin cancer and also studied Japanese Kampo medicine based on the powerful healing properties of botanicals which he uses in his skin care line Zelens which combines a scientific approach to natural plant derived ingredients
Hero Product Z-22 Absolute Face Oil £65 contains 22 oils chosen by Dr Lens for their unique properties. The lightweight formula reinforces the skin’s natural barrier and boosts moisture levels www.zelens.com<http://www.zelens.com/>

Dr Pauline Hill

One of UK’s top organic skincare experts and founder and director of Natural Products Factor skin scientist Dr Hill believes in using high tech natural and organic formulations to keep skin in optimum health. She developed her own skin range called Nourish two years ago using plant extracts and superfoods to correct and improve the condition of the skin.
Hero Product Nourish Kale Enzymatic Exfoliating Cleanser £16.50, a multi tasking turbo three in one products which combines cleanser, mask and enzymatic facial containing organic Kale extract and Argan oil – available from Debenhams.com<http://debenhams.com/>