CO2 Acne Laser Treatment

What is Smartxide Dot Laser? *

For acne scarring and rejuvenation. *


*Disclaimer: Please note that treatment results may vary from individual to individual.

The CO2 laser is able to stimulate rejuvenation by targeting small areas from a small wand-like device that is passed over the treatment area. the laser’s fractional Dot technology is quick and precise – allowing us to treat the whole face and neck in about half an hour. The laser also heats the dermis, which stimulates new collagen production and is excellent for acne scarring.

During the treatment, the high energy laser damages the outer layers of the epidermis, which flake away as the skin heals. As new skin cells develop, the face will become smoother, firmer and more youthful in appearance.

Deeper treatments are effective for clear improvement.

How many treatments will you need?*

Depending on the degree of damage to the skin and the results required, we will recommend a treatment programme that suits you. Most people require three-five treatments, spaced four-six weeks apart.

Maintenance treatments can then be done every twelve-eighteen months, depending on individual skin ageing.

the results?*

It is likely you will see an improvement in skin tone and texture as soon as the redness fades after just one treatment. as the laser stimulates collagen production you will see a progressive improvement in the texture and smoothness of the skin over several months, with wrinkles and lines reduced as well as acne scars and dark marks.

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