Chin, Jowls & Neck



The chin makes a surprisingly big difference to how the face looks as a whole. A weak chin can be improved with filler or fat transfer, an upturned or dimpled chin can be improved with muscle relaxing injections. Sagging, or fat pads under the chin can be improved with Pelleve® or FaceTite®.


The fleshy bits under the lower jaw can loosen and sag with age. As we get older the skin becomes thinner as we lose collagen and elastin and the effects of gravity result in the tissue sagging from the face towards the chin. Sun-damage, smoking and lifestyle, as well as age cause a loss in muscle tone, that can leave you feeling that some kind of surgical or non-surgical intervention may be necessary. Treatments that can help are Microtox Facelift®, FaceTite®, Pelleve® and Suspension Lift.


The neck is one of the most difficult areas to treat; crepey and sagging skin, often caused by sun damage, can be treated with muscle relaxing injections, Pelleve®, NeckTite®, and Surgical Neck Lift.

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