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Calf And Ankle Treatments

Calves and ankles sometimes called ‘cankles’ is where the calf meets the foot, every girls nightmare! One of the simplest and easiest ways to remove that stubborn fat permanently is BodyTite®

BodyTite™ is a breakthrough body re-contouring procedure that reduces stubborn fat while simultaneously tightening and firming your skin. The circumference of a woman’s ankle is usually around 11 inches but as we age the lower legs thicken, making the ankle less defined. Cankles can also be caused through being overweight, water retention or down to genetics.

If excess fat is the problem , the Bodytite procedure will create a more shapelier lower leg . Unlike traditional liposuction, this process is less invasive and involves inserting a small fibre-optic laser under the skin to break down unwanted fat cells . The fat is then removed gently. The knock-on effect of the treatment is an increased production of collagen that leaves skin tighter and results are permanent .BodyTite®

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