Lines and Wrinkles

What is Botox®?

For lines, wrinkles and lifting.

Otherwise known as lines and wrinkles on forehead, crows feet, botox, anti ageing, wrinkle reduction, laughter lines or frown lines.

Botox Anti-wrinkle Injections

Younger, wrinkle free Skin

We are known for our ‘light touch’ and do not believe in the frozen look, we aim to help you look fresh and natural.

BOTOX® and Azzalure injection treatments are one of our most popular non-surgical anti-ageing treatment for reducing lines and wrinkles for a fresher, less tired look.

BOTOX® and Azzalure (a type of botulinum toxin), are used to inject specific areas of the face to ease out lines and wrinkles, and underarms, hands and feet to prevent excess sweating.

The most popular Botox treatment areas are:

  • Frown lines and wrinkles
  • Forehead lines and creases between the brows
  • Crow’s feet and laughter lines
  • Wrinkly chin
  • Underarms (hyperhidrosis)


Having a natural look means that are still able to have expressions after having Botox, it’s not obvious that you have had anything done, but you will look refreshed, as if you have had a good holiday.

Firstly you will have a consultation with one of our medical practitioners, during the consultation your medical history will be taken, you will discuss the options available to you, the effect that Botox can have and after care advise.

Botox costs from £199 for one area of the face, typically one are would be the forehead, or crows feet or lines between the brows (Glabellar lines)

If you decide to have treatment, your face is assessed, the areas to be treated are cleansed, Botox is administered with a very fine needle in doses that are accordingly fitting to give the required result. As we always give a subtle result we offer a review with a top up after 3-4 weeks without further cost to ensure you have the result you are looking for.

Underarms, Hands, Feet for Hyperhydrosis using Botox (Botulinum toxin)

Botox is a revolutionary treatment for people with hyperhidrosis or profuse sweating. Botox is the brand name for a type of Botulinum toxin, a powerful protein that can be used safely in small doses.

To reduce severe sweating, usually about 16-20 injections of botulinum toxin are administered using a very fine needle into the armpits, hands or feet.

The treatment takes about 45 minutes. Botulinum toxin works by blocking the signals from the brain to the sweat glands, this then reduces the amount of sweat that is produced. Treating both armpits costs £499.

Our Doctor led clinics are located in Harley Street and Reigate. Call 0207 436 4441 to book an appointment.

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How many treatments will you need?

The effects can last three to four months and then repeat injections will be needed to maintain the effects. And after several treatments, the effects will begin to last longer and repeat treatments may only be required every six months as a top-up.

The results?

The appearance of frown lines and other treated areas will be dramatically improved within three to five days of treatment. The skin will appear smoother and unlined whilst untreated facial muscles work as usual to allow the normal facial expression to be unaffected by the treatment.