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Our extensive range of body treatments will ensure that every little bit of you looks as good as it possibly can. Whether it’s a stubborn area of fat or cellulite you want to say goodbye to, or an area you want to naturally enhance, we offer safe and effective body treatments for everyone.

It’s hard to escape from images of beautiful bodies, perfectly toned, honed and sculpted, that seem to be everywhere we look. Not so great when we look in the mirror and see the un-airbrushed reality! So if you’re unhappy with flabby upper arms, a spare tyre spilling over the waistband or heavy inner and outer thighs that exercise just won’t shift, help is at hand – these areas can all be improved with our minimally invasive fat reduction treatments Reaction, SmartLipo®, body-jet® and Bodytite®.

And it’s not just us girls that have trouble with our muffin tops, you men out there have just as many problem areas including accumulation of unwanted fat on the breasts, stomach and waistline. And for those of you that want a natural boost, Natural Fat Transfer gives an immediate result for male enhancement.