What is Bodyjet?

For fat removal.

A variation on traditional liposuction, this is a water jet assisted procedure that washes away the fat without damaging blood vessels and nerves. The machine pumps highly-pressured fluid into the unwanted fat using a hollow metal tube called a cannula.

The pressure of the fluid breaks up the fat so more fat can be sucked out than with traditional liposuction, this makes this ideal for body sculpting. The fluid pumped into the fat contains adrenaline which causes the blood vessels to shrink so the risk of bleeding is reduced.

How many treatments will you need?

Only one treatment is necessary and results are permanent. It is a minimally invasive treatment using local anaesthetic and involves little recovery time. Just a day’s rest is advised and bruising can take one or two weeks to disappear.

The results?

Bodyjet results in a firmer, toned body with the same results as traditional liposuction yet a safer method, as it is less traumatic and can be carried out under local anaesthetic.